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Mission and Vision

Brahmanbaria Palli Biduut Samity has started as a rural Biduute Samity based on the concept of "No Profit, No Loss" and "Consumers' Real Owners" to solve agricultural development, rural industrialization, unemployment problem and increase production through the creation of infrastructure for the overall development of the country. Rural electrification activity is being implemented in the proper use of domestic resources and utilization of foreign aid, and it has been working for rural socio-economic development. On October 31, 1977, a rural electrification board was formed through an ordinance to implement rural electrification activity and gradually started the program for electrification across the country. In the meantime, Brahmanbaria Palli Biduute Samity registered and got started distributing commercially. Brahmanbaria rural welfare society has been playing a positive role in the development of agriculture, industry and commercial areas and improving the standard of life and people's awareness in this region. It is important for everyone to take part in the increasing prosperity of the society due to proper use of power in all possible areas, including the regular arrangement of payment of regular bill payments, help in the prevention of transformers and collaborating in the daily work of the association, to make the association financially self-sufficient.